Content Development Service

Do you have a course in mind and want to produce it? We develop your entire program in digital format to make it friendly and impressive to your audience.

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All your content, training programs, onboarding courses and workshops as if they were a series or by chapters!

A man puts saved money into a piggy bank by creating courses with a competitive and low-cost model.

Digitize and save

Transform your content into Digital Experiences, migrate from the PowerPoint presentations to interactive model and offer volume training from any device.

A woman uses a giant magnet to attract digital audiences with fun, learning-motivated training courses.

Improve your engagement

Keep the proximity of a traditional training class in an environment that rewards and motivates effort through pedagogical resources that reduce distractions.

A female instructor interacts with different students through a training platform that allows her to increase the impact of her courses.

Increase your reach

Allow your course to have different formats, attract different audiences, connect with different markets and adapt to different types of learning intelligences.

With our Content Development Service, create 91.7% more engaging courses and increase knowledge retention up to 89.1%.

Source: apithy Study Case applied to 300 people between 18 and 70 years old in the manufacturing sector.
An adult woman in glasses and a business suit views a staff training course in the company boardroom.

With apithy, you get the last word

Get absolute involvement in the design of your course, the selection of your guidelines, the planning of your content, the validation of your scripts and the development of your videos. At apithy we advise you!

What are the main benefits of apithy Content Development Service ?

Appeal to all

Maintains the
instructional base

Gamify knowledge

24x7 flexibility

Levels the pace
of learning

The format you need when you need it

Video players showing a digital experience in which you can make interactive decisions to advance the story.

Interactive videos

Video player displaying a vector pen to develop an animated character video.

Animated videos

A person leads and narrates a video while presenting the topic of digital training for companies.

Narrative-driven videos

A video screen is personalized with ink blots and photo transitions.

Photo-slider videos

Four employees use their computers, cell phones, tablets, and laptops to develop new skills with digital courses on a wooden table with a plant.

Create hundreds of memorable courses with the latest digital trends in micro, video and game-based learning.

An adult man uses his tablet, computer, and cell phone to consume online courses while having a coffee in a restaurant.
A tablet displays specialized articles on business topics for training.

E-Book type modules

A time trial test issues questions and answers in multiple-choice and True or False format.


A cloud platform hosts different files in image, video, Word, Excel, and PDF formats for download.

Downloadable Resources

A paper airplane flies with a dotted line through the air of an office.

And much more!