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We are the all-in-one solution to gamify your organization's training program, create online courses and digitize your company's instruction plan in record time!

What can apithy do for you?

Persona uses apithy Business, the revolution in business training LMS platforms.

I am looking for a digital platform to provide internal training in my company

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Persona plays from his cell phone with apithy Plus, a digital training app for companies and gamified content.

I want to gamify my company's training program and I am interested in an app.

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A person holds in her arms a series of videos from Apithy Sage, a catalog of online training courses.

I need ready-to-go online training courses to implement today in my company.

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A woman smiles as she enjoys animated training videos and interactive videos on her computer.

Do you already have an idea to create your own course?

Work hand in hand with our team and transform it into an Interactive Digital Experience with our Content Development Service.

Who we are

Map of Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean with apithy office locations.

We are a global mexican company that provides edu-digital solutions to customers in Latin America and the United States in industries such as retail, food, manufacturing, publishing, training services, among other sectors.

They have already taken their company to the 4.0 industry thanks to apithy

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